Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sun Aug 22 - Billings MT to Cody WY

We had a lazy morning in the hotel, then hit the road for Cody. As we headed east, the land changed from wheat fields to corn fields, then more sage prairie and some badlands. We saw another pronghorn. The kids got a kick seeing the big bat mascot at the school in Belfry. Bye-bye Montana, we had a great time in this state.

We pulled into Cody WY, had some lunch, got settled in, then went to the Buffalo Bill Museum for a 2-hour overview. It can be viewed as one museum or as 5: Plains Indian Museum, Cody Firearms Museum, Draper Museum of Natural History, Whitney Art Museum, and Buffalo Bill's History Museum. We walked through 3 ½ galleries in our 2 hrs, spotting the areas we wanted to return to the next day. Reed's favorite is the Cody Firearms Museum. Bryn and Bret are standing by artist Joseph Henry Sharp's studio/cabin. And...a little visit to the Fireworks Factory Warehouse. Reed has been looking forward to this for over a week, ever since he saw an ad for it the first time we came through Yellowstone. As we drove to town to Bryn's friend's house, we saw a number of deer walking through neighborhoods and chewing on lawns.

Ann Marie gave us a warm welcome at her home on the hill. We met Jeni the dog, and had a little tour before Randy started sneezing. Time for dinner! Off to town to try an Italian place that had changed hands since Ann Marie had been there before. It was yummy, all was well. The boys walked home, stopping at Wendy's for a frostie dessert. Bryn returned to Ann Marie's house to catch up on years of museum talk. Bryn met her cat Cinnamon, too. No wonder Randy had a problem at her house!

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