Monday, August 9, 2010

Cub Scouts Practice Leave No Trace

Aug 4, 2010: Bret attended Cub Scout Day Camp with 9 of his friends and his leader Mr. E. This picture shows Den Chief Jonathan with Eric, Brian, Joseph, Justin, Connor, William, Justin, Leo, Mr. E, Cade, and Bret with the barrel they removed from the river and rolled up to camp. Known as "Den 13," the boys received a special award for dedicating all of their Funtime periods and lunch periods to picking up trash in the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve area. They cleared so much trash from the river that the water began flowing again in an area that had gone dry. Bret says, "It was very fun to use teamwork to get the barrel out of the water and make the river flow again. We practiced Leave No Trace to pick up trash in the creek." Reed volunteered as a Den Chief all week and also helped on Den 13's clean-up project.

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