Thursday, August 19, 2010

8/19 endnotes for Glacier

Here are some more majestic views of Glacier National Park. Today I came up with a comparison - Glacier is Yosemite on steroids! We all love Yosemite. Now, image it with more than one valley and a fraction of the people. We only crossed west to east. There are other areas to explore, plus Waterton - the Canadian portion. I definitely want to come back, and can see why Randy was eager to re-visit after 24 years.
Top photo: Going to the Sun Road over the Three Arches. Traffic was stopped as this was the one-lane-road section. Center: Heaven's Peak. Bottom two: St. Mary's Lake.

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  1. Hi, Bryn and All--

    I just found you blogs in my Outlook--what a treat! Your descriptions and pictures reminded me of some great trips I have taken to these places--they are true wonders. Another great trip is to Alberta, including the Canadian side of Glacier--you have to plan to take this trip, too, and to drive the Icefields Parkway (speaking of glaciers!) Thanks for including me--