Saturday, August 14, 2010

8/14/10 Home in Helena

As Reed has reminded us, we've entered his birthday week and are now in the countdown to 8/21.

Photos = Montana - Big Cloud Country, view on the road yesterday. Downtown Helena, the state capital building.

Easy morning hanging out, getting things organized, looking at maps, reading books, catching up on the blog. Bill and his daughters Miranda and Isabelle came to meet us and we went downtown for lunch at Bert and Ernie's. Lots of coloring for the kids and talking for the grown-ups.

We spent the afternoon hanging out at home and talking talking talking. Meanwhile, we also borrowed the washer and dryer for the ever-present laundry chore. The kids put on a fabulous show called "The Big Pile of Everything," definitely a comedy! They also had fun running around in the backyard, going on the swing and in the fort, and doing a puzzle. Just a very enjoyable day catching up with an old friend from undergrad days. Thanks, Bill!

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  1. Reed should be excited. He's going to be officially a teenager.