Saturday, August 21, 2010

8/20 Great Falls to Billings

We saw Black Eagle Falls, one of the four waterfalls that make up the Great Falls of the Missouri River. The three close to town are all dammed, and the fourth was too far to the north to visit. Making our way to the southeast, we stopped in the town of Reed's Fort. The name of the town was changed to Lewistown many years ago, but to us, it will always be Reed's Fort. We had a stop at an Army-Navy surplus store to pick up some camping things and camo clothes for the boys. Then we visited the Central Montana Museum. Reed found WWII materials, and Bret found a Torosaurus. Bret also found some books on Montana mysteries, legends, and ghosts, and he listened with rapt attention to the museum volunteer tell a story of a ghost that she once saw.

When we were close to Billings, we visited Pictograph Cave State Park. This has a lovely new visitor center and interpretive walk. There are two caves to visit, both with red ocher pictos. Once in Billings, we met up with Bryn's old friend Stan and his friend Betty for dinner. Later the boys all headed up to the room while Bryn, Stan and Betty talked for hours in the lobby.

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