Friday, August 27, 2010

Aug 27, Fri - Idaho to Utah

We're definitely on the tail end of this trip. Bryn and Bret had a disappointment when we found out that the Idaho Museum of Natural History would be closed until Oct. No dinos nor fossils for Bret. Bryn was sad to miss the extensive collection of Shoshone and Bannock basketry formerly displayed there. Oh well, another thing to add to the future trip list. Plus the Golden Spike National Historic Site in Promontory, Utah. We were within about 30 miles of it, but just didn't have the extra time.

Pocatello isn't too far from the Utah border, but this stretch of Interstate 15 had a disproportionate amoung of road kill and tire re-treds compared to the other 3,000 miles that we've driven thus far. Maybe the tires blew apart and hit the animals? Maybe the animals caused the tires to blow? Probably neither scenario, just an interesting note (or not).

Our big outing of the day was the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point, south of Salt Lake City. Bret was very excited about seeing this big dinosaur museum, and he really enjoyed the 3-D movie about ancient marine reptiles. Randy expected the place to be lame, but was pleasantly surprised. We all had a good time going through and looking at things. The museum is 10 years old, it looks very slick and superficial, but there were some great exhibits, dinosaurs, and fossils.

After this stop, we went to the town of Orem to see an army-surplus store and an air-soft store that Reed had researched on the internet. The next 3 hours were spent driving to Cedar City, our stop for the night. We have some favorite stopping spots planned for tomorrow, and will be home on Sunday.

Photos: grasslands vs. irrigated land in northern Utah; T-Rex chased the boys into the museum; Bret found Bigfoot - it's a diplodocus; Reed wished to buy things at this store but didn't.

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