Sunday, August 15, 2010

8/15/10 Sunday - More Helena and the Gates of the Mountains

We started the morning with a visit to St Helena's Cathedral in the downtown area. I forgot to take pictures! It is a beautiful gothic-style church with marble pillars, lots of gold leaf, and spectacular stained glass windows.

At lunchtime, we grabbed a picnic and picked up friends Lynn, John, and Anna and headed north out of town on our way to an adventure. We took a boat ride on the Missouri River to the Gates of the Mountains, so named by Meriweather Lewis 200+ years ago when he, William Clark, and the Corps of Discovery passed through the area. We saw some bald eagles, and I was able to get a photo of Reed with a juvenile in a tree (no white head yet). Other photos are a shot of the river as it winds through the Gates; Field Camp, thought to be the place where Lewis & Clark camped - the dead pine trees are victims of the treacherous bark beetle; red pictographs high on the limestone cliffs above the river. There's nothing like a good rock art panel to add zing to the day!

Later, we took advantage of Lynn's hospitality and finished a load of laundry at her house, then had an early dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Interestingly, the first 2 we tried were both closed on Sundays, but the third time was the charm.


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous. The water looks so inviting, like I could reach in and touch it.

  2. Yeah, we didn't bring swim things for the kids to go in. Later they went in the hotel pool, and Bret's eyes were burning from too much chlorine!