Thursday, August 12, 2010

About this Trip Blog...

A little backlog:

Last year we did a big cross-country trip. Everyone picked two places across the U.S.A., and we strung them together over 8 weeks.

This record originally started as our own trip report. Then people started asking us about it, so Randy set up a blog so those who were interested could share in our journeys.

This year, there was little interest in trip planning, so Bryn picked a bunch of people, places, and things surrounding Yellowstone National Park. We have landmark days set to see friends, yet as the trip is progressing, our plans are changing daily. For instance, we were due in Grand Teton National Park at the end of the trip. I'm writing this within view of Grand Teton Peak, yet it is just day 4. We are much less structured, and so far that's been working out for us. We'll see how long this footloose and fancy-free lack of hard planning will take us!

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