Saturday, August 21, 2010


Happy Birthday to Reed! He didn't get to sleep in, but he was pleasantly surprised by a "birthday in a bag" - some little gifts we carried with us, a couple of things picked up along the way, and the promise of a proper party with a birthday cake when we get home.

For dinner, we went to Jake's Steakhouse with our friends Stan and Betty. Reed got a gigantic piece of mud pie for dessert. It came on a plate with "happy birthday" drizzled in chocolate along the outside edge, and a candle. It was so huge that Reed couldn't finish it!

In the hotel tonight, Reed got to spend time on internet sites that he enjoys - air soft guns, and cheat sites for some of his video games. He didn't get to pick the day's activities, and his lack of complaining about that shows his maturity. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this sweet start to his teenage years will continue for awhile! Happy Birthday, Reed!

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