Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aug 24, Tuesday - Yellowstone part 1

Cody is less than an hour's drive to the East Gate of Yellowstone. What a beautiful drive up into the Rockies. We saw a bison and a bald eagle soon after we passed through the park gates. Our first stop was at Fishing Bridge, a small visitor center with natural history exhibits. From there, we went north and saw the stunning Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (pictured above). Not as deep nor wide as Arizona's Grand Canyon, yet very impressive. More trees and blue water.

We were excited to see scattered elk and bison through this eastern part of the Park. Then, as we rounded a corner, cars were stopped. Stampede! A herd of bison was crossing a street and heading off to the Hayden Valley area, but some of them decided to take a run down the middle of the road. We pulled over like everyone else, and had fun watching the bison walk within a couple of feet of the car. The other photo is of a buffalo wallow in the Hayden Valley.

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