Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aug 23 Monday - Cody and Ann Marie

Our 2-day museum pass was put to good use. We arrived around 9, and met up for lunch around noon. The boys went off to see more firearms - Bret likes the door handles! Bryn tagged along with Ann Marie, met some staff, and toured the storage (baskets, of course!). Now we're talking about writing a grant sometime to bring me up to help update their basket records.... Above is the Whitney Art Museum's Frederic Remington Studio exhibit, complete with baskets.

After lunch, the boys had some pool time while Bryn did laundry and Randy caught up on things. Then Bryn went back for more museum time while the boys did some grocery shopping, and had another stop at the Fireworks Factory. Ann Marie met us for dinner, and we all shared sticky honey-covered sopapillas for dessert. A repeat of Sunday night – the boys went home, Bryn went to Ann Marie's for a couple of hours of chatting. Thanks Ann Marie, it was great to see you!

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