Thursday, August 19, 2010

8/17 Tues - Glacier National Park, part 1

Glacier National Park is a stunningly beautiful place. Randy visited in 1986 and has always wanted to go back. We just finished nearly 3 days there, and I want to go back.
Tuesday morning we grabbed a campsite at Sprague Creek and pitched a tent. Then we headed deeper into the park, stopping at many overlooks along the way. This first one is at Avalanche Creek. We continued east along the Going to the Sun Road, an amazing feat of engineering. This road snakes across the front of the mountain and is barely wide enough for 2 cars. The width limit is 8 feet including projecting side mirrors, and the length limit is 21 feet. At 19', we just make it with the Sportsmobile. The rock side wall is very small, and the ride is harrowing. To make matters worse, part of the road is under construction and it is one lane only in places. Bret's favorite stop was a big spot of snow, and he enjoyed conquering his Glacier using a stick as an ice axe.

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