Thursday, July 23, 2009

Through the Adirondack Mountains

Bryn: Off through New York's Adirondack Mountains today. Like other mountains we've been through on this trip (Ozarks, Appalachians, Berkshires, etc.), they're less like the tall and rocky California mountains we're used to and are more like green hills. However, they are BEAUTIFUL. Our first stop was the Lake Placid Olympic Sports Complex, where some of the 1932 and 1980 Olympic events were held. Reed and Bret went on the 1/2 mi bobsled track, along with a professional driver and brake man. They had a respectable time of 43.28 seconds.

Reed: The bobsled was exhilarating! Lots of fun and adrenaline! We also saw a ground hog, or a woodchuck. It came out of the ground and was eating wood.

Bryn: We also passed the Olympic ski jump. Wow, I don't know how ski jumpers have the nerve to rocket off that thing with only skis on their feet! We didn't stop in town in Lake Placid as they're having a big Ironman tournament this weekend, and the place was mobbed with athletes and big tents. We continued past Saranac Lake, stopping at Tupper Lake and The Wild Center. Basically, this is a new interactive natural history museum focused on the Adirondacks. We learned a lot about trout varieties, creepy things in the soil, fungus, trees, etc. Watched an interesting movie about the Adirondacks through the ice age.

Reed: I really liked watching the playful otters the best at the Wild Center. I found out that they like to play with their food, just like I do!

Bryn: We had a quick stop at Old Forge, then on to Verona and our hotel. We're across the street from the Oneida tribe's Turning Stone Casino, one of the big casinos that was started in 1993. I visited with my aunt in 1994, and it has greatly increased in size since then. The surrounding area, which was farmland back then, has all been built up too.


  1. How did they get the speed without snow?

  2. During the summer, they use wheeled bobsleds on the concrete track. In the winter they have sleds on ice.