Sunday, July 12, 2009

Delaware, Sunday July 12

Bryn: We drove to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, adding another new state to the boys' list. The beach was really crowded, and lots of people had umbrellas.

Bret: The only really good thing we did today was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. It was fun. Reed and I body-boarded. The Atlantic was different because the waves were easier to body-board on and the water was warmer than the Pacific and the ground was a lot rockier even though there was a lot of sand. And we had a good dinner and I got a Shirley Temple because Ryan told me what it was, and it was good and I drank it fast and they gave me a refill! But the refill didn't have a cherry.

Reed: The restaurant that we went to was very good and tasty [the Summer House]. At the beach today, the incline wasn't very steep, and Bret and I were having fun getting bombarded by the waves. It was our first time in the Atlantic Ocean.

Pictures: Bret made his own bed at the hotel in NJ. Philly yesterday - big pretzels and the Delaware River ferry ride with the battleship U.S.S. New Jersey. Today - Rehoboth Beach; Bret's unfinished Shirley Temple went with us in a to-go cup. He also wants Ryan to see the chipmunk he bought with his own money.

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