Friday, July 24, 2009

Rome, NY

Bryn: We spent the whole day in Rome, where my dad grew up. We started at Fort Stanwix National Monument. Yes, the boys earned junior ranger badges! We attended a Revolutionary Weapons demonstration, and the boys asked plenty of questions afterwards.

Bret: My favorite part was watching the gun show. And I liked the movie because it gave me information for my ranger booklet. I wanted to look for the musket balls in the grass but they only shot the powder and not real balls.

Reed: The gun crack wasn't so loud, it was more like a thump in your chest. It was really fun.

Bryn: We followed with a visit to St Peter's Church and the Rome Historical Society. They're working on some new exhibits, so things donated by my dad's family weren't on display. Next, a quick lunch at a farmer's market, a visit to a candy store, and over to my dad's old house. We had a little chat with the neighbor, and went looking for the wooded area with ponds where he used to play. Yes, the area is still there and is undeveloped. We followed by a visit to the cemetery. Then we went southwest to Shako:Wi Cultural Center in Oneida, where I was delighted to find an exhibit on Oneida basketry. No photos allowed inside. For dinner, we went to Eddie's at Sylvan Beach on Lake Oneida, one of my aunt's favorite places. We all had pie for dessert and had a toast in her honor.

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