Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 14 - Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame

Bryn: We rolled into town in the late morning. First stop, Doubleday Field – the place where baseball began. Then the boys headed off to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I hopped on the trolley and went to the Fenimore Museum. No photos allowed, so I can't show you the fine baskets that are part of the collection. You can view them through the website The museum also had many oil paintings of this area, and a number of things from the Cooper family, in particular James Fenimore Cooper. We listened to more of the Leatherstocking Tales in the car today. I also went across the street for a quick visit to The Farmers Museum (, reportedly the country's first living history museum. The costumed interpreters were all friendly and well-informed. I rode the trolley back in time to buy t-shirts and have dinner with the boys. We went to our hotel, and the boys played baseball with their swords and a tennis ball. Tonight they're watching the All Star Game on TV.

Reed: My favorite part was the comedy show of Abbott and Costello, with Who is on first. It was really funny! We also went to the batting cages by Doubleday Field. The thower was very inacurate, because one time I had to move all the way to the edge of the cage because the ball was going to hit me. I got hit a couple of times, and so did Bret. But I'm still glad we did it.

Bret: We won postcards by playing baseball trivia games. I saw 23 Yankees in the Hall of Fame and also saw a short film about how baseball originated. The Yankees are my favorite team.

Photos: Yankee Bret; Reed caught the golden ball; Randy with Willie Mays stuff; Reed in the batting cage; Bret by the Farmers Museum sign.

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