Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nashville - Thurs 7/2/09

Bret: I like the Parthenon because we saw the outside, it was very fancy. It was dedicated to Athena, because in Greece it is really in Athens, a city in Greece. Poseidon and Athena had a contest for the city, Poseidon gave them a pool of salt water and Athena gave an olive tree, and she won the contest and it was dedicated to her.
Back on track, there were big columns of rock and there were stone steps, it was a high walk to the place where you go in, it really was very fancy. We could only go in the gift shop and the bathroom because it was late. I used the bathroom and that was even fancy. We got a game called Zeus on the Loose from Kathleen and Isaac, but I don't know how to play it yet. There were many things dedicated to Athena - statues, postcards, and more. It really was awesome. I liked being there and it was exciting because I am a son of Athena.
At the Hermitage, we went through a tour of the house which was pretty big, it was very pleasant to see where a president lived. It was almost all brick except the columns in the front that were wood that were sand-painted to look like rock. It was roomy and very decorative. There were bright colors in some of the rooms and dull colors in others. Then we went out to his tomb and his wife's grave. I saw Ronald Reagan's tomb at the Reagan Library, and I think that Ronald Reagan's grave was better, but I liked looking at this tomb because it was big with a roof over it. They called him General Andrew Jackson instead of President Andrew Jackson. Then there was a family grave yard beside it with 15 graves. Then we went to the log cabins and we saw toys like the ones that Tom Sawyer got by trading in the book, like marbles, a brass doorknob, a toy wagon wheel, and a Jew's harp.
Tonight at dinner we went to the Melting Pot, my second-favorite restaurant in the whole world. (My favorite is the Hungarian Sausage Company in Littlerock, CA.) We had so much food, there was only one thing that we couldn't finish - the dessert! We had 6 people but we didn't finish it. I liked the cheese fondue, it was good, I liked the different flavors of cheese. And the oil was good with potatoes. That's the Melting Pot for you! Broadcasted by Bret Potter!
Randy: today was the day we visited my cousin Dr. Kathleen in Nashville with her husband Dr. Isaac. They showed us around town. Bret has already described the Hermitage, the Parthenon, and our dinner. They also took us to Vanderbilt University, where Isaac teaches as a research assistant professor of history. The wonderful dinner that Bret described was to celebrate Kathleen's recent Ph.D in history from the UCR- congratulations, Kathleen!
Bret was exceptionally thorough on his description of the day.
Photos: all of us at the Hermitage; Jackson's tomb; toys found under the slave cabins; Isaac's office at Vanderbilt; the Parthenon.

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