Monday, July 20, 2009

July 19 - Watervliet Arsenal

Bryn: Randy had found the atomic cannon on a weird places internet site. Maybe not such a weird place, but the Watervliet Arsenal, which makes all types of cannons since the War of 1812. The atomic cannon was used to shoot the atomic bomb at the Nevada Test Site. We got onto the base and had a personal tour from the director/curator/only paid employee. He was able to answer all of Randy's questions, and it was very interesting. The photos we took were literally shots in the dark (pun intended!), as the electricity was off that day. We grabbed the flashlights and camping lanterns and had a dim tour of the exhibit area. The flash photos really turned out well. We saw one of two cannons that were captured from British General Burgoyne at Saratoga during the Revolutionary War - we were on the site of the capture two days ago! One of the highlights for the boys was being able to climb into a tank.

Bret: I saved an artifact! There was a howitzer outside and I went under the back and looked inside. It was full of water and algae. I told my mom, and she told the man. We found a lever that said Hull Drain. He pulled it and water came out for about 20 minutes.

Bryn: Maybe Bret is a museum conservator in the making?

Later we went out to dinner with my aunt and uncle, and we went to their house. The boys liked playing bumper pool, and Uncle Leo gave them a bird house and feeder that he made. Reed tried out their treadmill too.

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