Monday, July 27, 2009

July 26 - Ganondagan Festival

Bryn: Lynn, Reed, Bret and I went to Ganondagan State Park. This is a Seneca village site, once inhabited by about 4,500 people. There is a recreated longhouse and a small cultural center. How lucky for us, we happened to visit on the weekend of their Native American Dance and Music Festival! Talk about traditional local food--we had corn soup, buffalo burgers, and fry bread. I liked seeing the baskets in the longhouse and talking with some of the basket makers and other artists. The Iroquois social dancing was also fun, the beaded clothing that the dancers wore was beautiful.

Bret: I got a paddle, it goes with the song I learned in school this year. The nephew of the man who made this told me the Ojibwa story that goes with the turtle design. Here is the song I learned: My paddle, keen and bright, flashing like silver, follow the pale moon light, dip dip and swing, dip dip and swing.

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