Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mammoth Caves, Kentucky - Friday, July 3

Bret: Our tour at Mammoth Caves was small because it was self-guided, and I got a Junior Ranger badge, and it was fun. The cave was made out of limestone and it had eight different species of bats. My favorite was the little brown bat because it was cute and cuddly.

Reed: Mammoth Caves had no interesting rock formations at all. It was very long and it was really cold inside, which we used to our advantage because it was hot outside.

Randy: Note: if you want to go to Mammoth Cave in the future, you should go on a guided tour but you need to get there early to get a ticket, and don't go on a holiday weekend.

Bryn: If you go to Mammoth Caves, you need two days. Besides a number of tours available through the NPS, there are many privately owned caves in the vicinity, including one that you can take a boat ride through. Plus lots of things for kids to do like go carts, Dinosaur World, and rock shops. I didn't see any blue grass, but Randy says that's in the eastern part of the state.

We arrived at our friends' house in Indianapolis in time to do laundry and go to bed. Although we drove nearly straight north, we went from the central to the eastern timezone, and we crossed from the south to the midwest. Time and place seem to be confused hereabouts, but I don't think I can merely chalk it up to the natural disassociation with reality that being in vacation-mode tends to wrought. It's just the way it is in this part of the country.

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