Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/9/13 Tuesday - Park City into Wyoming

We started the day at Utah Olympic Park, which is between Park City and Hwy 80.  We watched some of the freestyle skiers, who landed in a pool. We also watched some of the ski jumpers. They have a plasticky-grassy-looking cover on the ski jumps, and they wet them down, then the skiers land and skid across the grass until they stop. Very interesting to watch.  We rode up the Nordic Chairlift for a beautiful valley vista, another bright blue day with puffy white clouds.  Then we each took a ride down the Alpine Slide, at 3000' long, they claim it is the world's longest. It was great! We each went alone and could control how fast or slow it went. We visited the Ski Museum, and Bryn saw boots just like hers. So maybe she needs new ones.  After a picnic lunch, we drove northeast into Wyoming, arriving in Kemmerer in the later afternoon.  There we visited the very first J.C. Penney's store, toured Penney's house, and visited the Fossil Country Museum which was in an old Mormon church.  Tomorrow we have fossil hunting on the agenda, so we made preparations for that. Also dinner in town, a swim at the hotel, the boys worked on their next Junior Ranger badge booklets, and some quiet reading before bed.

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