Sunday, July 7, 2013

7/7/13 on the track of dinosaurs in Utah

Hot and humid, with a short downpour while we were loading the car, then back to dry again. It was good to get the rain. We had nice clean windows for the beautiful drive into Arizona and through the Virgin River Gorge, then on to St. George, UT.  Again today the grey clouds helped to cut the heat and glare in the van. The Dinosaur Discovery Center at Johnson Farm was today's destination - they have over 6,000 dinosaur footprints. This is one of 5 world sites with dinosaur crouching prints (we visited to 2 of them in Connecticut; the others are in Arizona and China).  There was a huge downpour while we were inside.  We had off and on sprinkles all day - so very good for the dry American west.
Lunch was at Top Spot in Cedar City. It's hard to go wrong at a Mom & Pop restaurant with a plastic cow on the roof.  Well, maybe you can go wrong sometime, but not here. Everything was delicious, and the day's special was a 98 cent root beer float.
We stopped to go to a 30,000 volume used book store in Provo. Despite open hours posted on the internet, it was closed. So we ate dinner then drove to Sandy, UT.   A fun time in the pool before heading to the room, starting up the blog, and bed.

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