Sunday, July 21, 2013

7/17/13 Wednesday - Happy Birthday

Boys in Yellowstone: Woke up in Bridge Bay campground. We drove up to Norris and Mammoth areas. We went through Mammoth Drive and into the village and drove around, we looked to see if we could find the Morinaga family. We didn't see them. We wanted to go on the walk but couldn't because there was no parking, so we went to Norris Basin and had lunch. At Norris, we went on the walk and saw the Steamboat Geyser and heard a ranger talk there. When we got back to the van, we found a note from the Morinagas on our car. They had finished Norris and were going to Mammoth, opposite of us, so we missed them. Then we went back to camp and called Mom – Happy Birthday!

Camped in Grant Village site #36. It was very nice with a pull-in spot and not too far to the bathroom or to the dishwashing station.  Really cold overnight, 42 degrees. Brrr.
Bryn in Cody: on the way into work we stopped to pick up doughnuts to share at break time. We finished up with the Remington baskets. We also looked at the 5 baskets in the Buffalo Bill Collection, things went really well today.  After work, we got pizza and shared it with Josie, one of the summer interns who is also staying at Ann Marie's.  Along with watermelon and chocolate lava cake, it was a perfect birthday dinner!

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