Sunday, July 14, 2013

7/14/13 Sunday - Cody and Buffalo Bill

We started the day by visiting St. Anthony of Padua church for 9 a.m. Mass.  Then off to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West for a short look-around. Reed said "I liked looking at the Remington Studio, because that was the greatest part, and I'm totally not being sarcastic."
Bret said, "I liked the gun exhibit, especially the Smithsonian exhibit, and also the experimental guns that were not made, and Henry VIII's hunting rifle that was 6 feet long."   Randy and Bryn looked at the Whitney Art Museum, and also went through some of the books looking for baskets in artworks. We found a few!
We picked up lunch and went to Ann Marie's house for a quick visit.Then the boys went shopping for camping food, Bryn did laundry, later some swimming and re-packing. Tomorrow we split up.

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