Monday, July 22, 2013

7/21/13 Sunday - Jackson WY - Snake River Whitewater

We left our cozy log cabin and drove down to the Grand Teton Lodge so Bryn could take pictures of the baskets on display there. Then we had an easy drive through the park, with the magnificent mountains in view the whole time.  As we were driving, we were talking about meeting our friends later. Then Bret spotted them having a picnic. They spotted us too, they were waving while we turned the car around. While we were visiting, Bret spotted a coyote in the meadow across the road. Good spotting for Bret!
We went on to see the Moose Visitor Center, then drove to Jackson. We found out where we were meeting in the afternoon, had some lunch, then found our hotel. They weren't ready for us, so we drove over to look at the Snow King Ski Resort. It seemed small. Later we found out that skiing at Jackson Hole is actually on the other side of the mountain, near Teton Village.
At 4:00 we met at Sands Whitewater Rafting and had a Class 2 - 3 trip down the Snake River with Scooter our guide. Lots of fun! Reed, Leo and Bret took turns standing on the bow of the boat and we tried to get them to fall by spinning the boat. All three fell inwards into the raft.  But when Bret fell, he and Reed tumbled right into the water!
Bret, Leo and Reed waiting for the whitewater bus.

Snake River - we put in south of Jackson and had 8 miles of rafing in 2 hours.
We had a nice ride together on the bus back to town, then we parted ways. It was great spending time with friends in such a gorgeous place!

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