Sunday, July 21, 2013

7/19/13 end of residency - out of Yellowstone - Wapiti Reunion

Boys in Yellowstone: We got up, packed up, went to some gift shops to look for birthday presents.
We had a picnic at a lake (not Yellowstone Lake, after Eleanor Lake). Then we drove out out to Wapiti and checked into the Yellowstone Valley Inn. We took showers, Bret went for a swim. 

 Bryn in Cody:  We gathered baskets from the Whitney Art Museum and the Sharp Cabin to use in my presentation. I was able to do a dry run with the editor of Points West, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West's magazine. That really helped calm my nerves.  I gave a lunch presentation to a full house, with lots of interesting questions and comments. Later we put the baskets back and I said good-bye to the storage areas and co-workers for the week. The time here just sped by, there are almost 300 baskets left untouched. Hopefully a project for another time....
 Then we went to Ann Marie's to take care of the animals, water the lawn, and pack up all of my stuff. 
Next we drove west to Wapiti.
Together again: Mom and Ann Marie made it to the Inn at about 5:30 and we all had dinner at the cozy family restaurant at the Inn. It was nice to be back together again! Reed had a buffalo burger, Randy, Bryn & Ann Marie tried elk, and Bret went with ham & cheese. We did 3 loads of laundry in the evening while we traded stories of how we spent the week. Plus Bryn got a Birthday in a Bag surprise! Lots of Yellowstone specialties, like huckleberry chocolate and taffy, and yellow moose shirt in a Yellowstone bag. Plus a lovely Eastern Shoshone beaded necklace found back on the Wind River Rez. It was a fun evening.

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