Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7/16/13 - Fellowship/Yellowstone Day 2

Bryn worked with more baskets today, including those in the Frederic Remington Studio gallery exhibit. I did library research in the afternoon. Just as I was finishing, someone knocked on the window and waved. It was scout friends Genoveva, Paul, Sean and Michael. They had finished their time in Yellowstone, and stopped to see the museum. Seeing them was a wonderful surprise.  We had some sprinkles after work, and Ann Marie bbq'd buffalo burgers.
Photo: Getting the Chumash baskets off of the wall in the exhibit.

The Yellowstone Report:
We went to West Yellowstone and drove to the grizzly bear and wolf sanctuary. We saw elk and bison while driving, nothing much more to be seen. The sanctuary was pretty cool, we saw 9 different grizzlies, 7 wolves in 2 packs, 3 bald eagles, 1 great horned owls, and 2 golden eagles. They had quite a bit of stuff, we found a lot more than wolves and were quite pleased by it. We ate in a restaurant there, and drove back through Firehole Lake Drive and Firehole Canyon Drive, then back to Fishing Bridge for the scenic cruise at 4:15 on Yellowstone Lake. We learned all sorts of interesting facts, also learned about the invasive species Lake Trout and how you have to kill them and leave them in the water to decompose. We learned about the moose being good swimmers, they can swim to the island and also dive 27 feet down. The boat was the Lake Queen 2 and it left from Fishing Bridge. Then we went to Hayden Valley to call Mom. Bret made really good spaghetti for dinner.

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