Monday, July 22, 2013

7/22/13 Monday - Jackson WY to Promotory, UT

Today we left the area which makes up the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem - Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and the six surrounding National Forests.  We had a lovely drive south out of Jackson and along the Snake River where we rafted yesterday.  We went through ranching and farming areas, and made a short stop in Afton, known for the longest elk antler arch in the world.  If you park by the arch, go 2 places - the chocolate shop with hand made ice cream, and the excellent used bookstore on the corner. From there we continued through the mountains, across the edge of Idaho, alongside Bear Lake, into Utah and down through the Logan Pass.
World's Longest Elk Antler Arch - Afton, WY

Long, lonely entrance road to Golden Spike.

We continued west to Promotory, UT, home of Golden Spike National Historic Site.  In 1869, this is where the Transcontinental Railroad united. A golden spike was driven in to signify it's completion. It was in the ground for roughly 5 minutes before being removed. It is now in Stanford University, because it was railroad tycoon Leland Stanford's railroad.

The reconstructed steam engines, No. 119 and Jupiter, were there. We were able to watch the No. 119 steam away. The boys worked on Junior Ranger badges.
Following Golden Spike, we drove through Salt Lake City to the southern suburb of Sandy, where we're spending the night. We're winding down now, with much of tomorrow being spent on the same roads as the way here.
Bret & Reed at the site of the original Golden Spike.

We think this is the 46th badges they've earned; we'll have to count when we get home.

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