Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15/13 - The Fellow is in Residence; The Fellows are in the Park

Joseph Henry Sharp's cabin at the Buffalo Bill Center of theWest.
I'm holding an Apache basket. There were about 15 baskets in Sharp's cabin.
Bay Bridge Campsite
The boys slept in as Bryn finished packing up and Randy patiently waited.  Randy dropped Bryn off at the museum about 9 a.m., where she met Ann Marie and jumped right in to assessing the baskets.  We started in the cabin of artist Joseph Henry Sharp, a lovely place in a garden courtyard.  We had a yummy lunch in town, then finished the Sharp baskets, finished the Koerner baskets, and started the Remington baskets before the end of the day.  I met a couple of the other curators, the librarian, and others that I'll work with this week.  Ann Marie kept us on schedule, we finished a lot. We had dinner at Ann Marie's house along with Josie, an intern who is staying for the summer. I was settled into the downstairs bedroom, then successfully downloaded photos, worked on my powerpoint, and wrote this blog. Randy's training classes the last few days certainly paid off!

Boys in Yellowstone: We spent a long time looking for wildlife but didn't really see any until we got far into the park, then we saw lots of bison, elk, deer, and a yellow-bellied marmot. We went to our campsite at Bridge Bay and set up camp, it was a good amount of work. We went tot he West Thumb Geyser Basin and saw several pools and paint pots, but no big geysers. We saw the Abyss Pool which is 55' deep. Then we went to the marina to check it out and hoped to rent a canoe, but they didn't have them. We found the scenic cruise and booked it. We got delicious huckleberry ice cream sandwiches in the little shop for only 99 cents each. We drove to Grant Village to get cell coverage to call Mom. Dinner was hot dogs and pork & beans.
9:30 Ranger talk on “The Wilderness of Wolves,” we learned how the wolves were reintroduced and how they're living there now, very interesting things.

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