Monday, July 8, 2013

7/8/13 Monday - Thank goodness for Thanksgiving Point

In 2010 we visited the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point, UT. We ran out of time, and Bret has reminded  us of that every time we mention a possible trip to Utah. So this morning was for Bret.  We arrived at opening time and went right in to see the 3D movie Flying Monsters, which we all enjoyed. It was interesting to learn how pterosaurs flew, and how the Quetzelcoatlus was the biggest flyer ever, equal in size to a standing giraffe or, with wings extended, a modern-day glider. It turns out that they used Arete software for the water.  Bret's two favorite dinos were the Utahraptor (he did a report on them in third grade), and the Ceratosaurus. Bret said that Ceratosaurus was the only meat-eating dinosaur that had 4 claws on its hands.    After the Museum, we bought a bag of books at a nice used bookstore, then had Chik-Fil-A for lunch.  Next - climbing the Wasatch Mountains east to Park City.  We checked into the hotel. While Randy took a nap, the rest of us took a swim. There was a huge downpour outside. Later we went into town along State Hwy 224, which is the 10th Mtn Division Memorial Hwy (my dad's unit in WWII - the ski troops). Reed took the picture of Bryn there.  We drove all around Canyons, Park City Resort, and Deer Valley checking out the ski slopes and expensive real estate.  We had dinner on main street. The sidewalk cafes are not on the sidewalk, but they have wooden platforms in the street for your dining pleasure. We ate at  The Eating Establishment and had some outstanding artichoke dip.  Later, Randy accidentally had the van door shut on his finger (OUCH!). Bret grabbed ice out of the frig immediately, and no broken bones.

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