Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reed's Destinations

Reed – The two places that I chose are Mall of America in Minnesota because of their 4 story LEGO section. I plan to buy a lot of LEGO kits while I'm there. I'll probably also will see my mom's friend's daughter who takes LEGO building lessons there. I also chose the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio because of the recently put in permanent exhibit dedicated to The Who. The Who are my favorite band and to prove that they are a good band, they're in Rockband (Won't Get Fooled Again), Rockband 2 (Pinball Wizard; my favorite song), and in Rockband Unplugged (for the PSP: Pinball Wizard. There might be more Who songs, I haven't beaten the game yet).

Happy 51st Anniversary today to Joe and Catherine, Reed's grandparents!


  1. Reed, I can't wait to see pictures of the Lego store. An who knew that we liked the same music? Take lots of pictures of all the other great bands too.

  2. Hi Reed,
    I heard Lego can make a custom kit from a photo of you. When it's all built you have a lego of your face that almost looks like a picture. Check it out at the big lego store.
    Mrs. Liberty