Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29 Tulsa

Bryn: Rebecca and I were up way too late talking, so we were very slow in the morning. We left a bit before 2 pm and headed into Tulsa. We met my friend and former boss Duane King at the Gilcrease Museum, he is the new director there. We were privileged to get a sneak peak at his fabulous new exhibit, "Emissaries of Peace: The 1762 Cherokee and British Delegations," scheduled to open on 7/4 and run through 1/10/10. Of course I admired the baskets! This museum is a gem, so when you get to Tulsa, you really must find time to visit.
Reed: While Mom was gone, we went to Braum's for lunch and ice cream, the food was really good.
Bret: Then we went swimming with Joe Don, we played catch with the tennis ball in the pool and we went diving for a penny. It was so much ffuuuuunnn!
Bryn: Next we all had a rendezvous at Gardner's Used Books in Tulsa, where Bret was dwarfed by the Hulk and Reed was surprised by a Jaguar. We followed the bookstore with a dinner adventure. The restaurant we hoped to eat at was closed, so fate brought us to the Mekong River, the best Vietnamese restaurant in Tulsa (yes, there is a small pot to draw from, but the food was delicious).

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