Saturday, June 27, 2009

Austin Day 6 - the end of Camp Half-Blood

Bret: On Friday we took a 4 mile hike to the base of the League Operatives, but there was nothing there except the Battery that we lost and Topher's Sword. It was underneath the McKinney Homestead. We also went to the limestone rock shelters.
Reed: We played Capture the Flag too. Then in the afternoon there was the sword tournament.
Bryn: Randy and I packed up camp, then took late showers. We went to town for lunch with cool drinks in air conditioned comfort before returning to McKinney Falls. We arrived in time to watch the sword championships. We gave the boys' counselors some McDonald's certificates.
Randy: The counselors were pretty amazing. They kept up their energy in the brutal heat, they were enthusiastic and friendly all through the last day.
Bret - Harrison and Kelly; Reed - Chelsea and Daniel; plus Master Thomas, Topher, and all of the wonderful folks who made this week possible - THANK YOU! You have made an unforgettable memory for all of us. The Gates of Hades are secure in L.A. now that these demigods are trained fighters.
Photos: Bret and Reed with new friends Jeremy and Brandon. The boys picking their bead from Topher. Each year a half-blood attends camp, he gets a special bead to wear on a necklace. The boys are hopeful to come again in years to come...!

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