Friday, June 26, 2009

Austin Day 2

Monday 6-22-09

Camp Half-Blood, Day 1

Bryn: The boys reported to camp in their orange shirts. They were separated into cabins, one for each of the Greek gods. Then then lined up and did calisthenics, just what is needed to loosen muscles before a day of monster fighting! Pictured are some of the special supplies needed by demigods. The camp also has big jugs of cold water, nectar, and Topherade to keep the campers hydrated and primed for battle.

Reed: I wasn't expecting the exercises and marching! We got our swords today.
Bret: We learned the stab, slash, and overhand strike. We played capture the flag.
Reed: We saw Paul vs. Master Thomas in a fight, spear on sword. Paul lost. They pointed out techniques.
Bryn: In the evening, the Monster Patrol stopped by our campsite. The boys were impressed to see their counselors armed with home-made spears, short swords, etc to make sure the perimeters of Camp Half-Blood were secure. Photo of Randy making teryaki chicken and ramen for dinner. The tent was to the left, didn,t get a shot of it. Too hot and humid to sleep in, so we kept misc supplies in it all week. SOOO happy the a/c works in the van, it made sleeping comfortable in this week of record-breaking heat and humidity.
We met our email friends Jeremy and Brandon and Melinda. Melinda kindly gives Bryn a ride back to camp in the morning, and delivers us all back in the hot afternoon. The boys like riding in the way back of the car, something not allowed without seatbelts in California! Only in the campground, of course.We used to do it all the time when we were kids.

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