Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blowing through Arizona

Bryn: Needles to Albuquerque in less than 12 hours. It was a hard day for me because there are so many wonderful places on this route that I wanted to stop at, but that was not in the plan. We had lunch at the Harvey Cafe at Petrified Forest National Park and admired some rock wood (photo). Yummy Navajo taco! We also had a stop at one of my favorite stores in the world, Richardson's Cash Pawn on Route 66 in downtown Gallup. Had to get some beaded barrettes as I left all of my others at home. Bret was excited when he spotted some hogans, he learned about them in school this year. The boys also liked crossing the Colorado River.
Games = Bret has a DS and Reed has a PSP for the trip. The boys only get 1 hour a day, and they've chosen to have three 20 minute sessions each. That seemed to work well. Randy spent a lot of thoughtful pre-trip time loading his MUVO with lots of music. We were able to listen to Take It Easy by Jackson Browne (yes, he wrote it and the Eagles did a cover version) as we drove through Winslow, Arizona.

Books =Bret is almost done with Harry Potter #6. Reed just finished Monster Hunters, and is reading The Boy Who Dared about a Hitler youth who rebelled against the system. In honor of the locale, Bryn is reading Skeleton Man by Tony Hillerman. Audio books = we finished A Study in Scarlett, the first Sherlock Holmes by A.C. Doyle, and also a short book of fairy tales.


  1. Thanks for the beginning update. Glad you got to stop in Gallup - Kim

  2. I'm so glad your music and reading fit your trip locales--what a great experience!