Friday, June 26, 2009

Austin Day 3

Tuesday 6-23-09

Camp Half-Blood, Day 2

Reed: First we did our stretching and marching. Then we had phalanx training, which was weird because people with shields were charging towards each other, and from a distance it looked like mass confusion.

Bret: It was awesome.

Reed: Then we played Capture the Flag. In one of the games, someone used a phalanx. They thought it would work well but it failed completely and those who did it all got out. Bret's team, the Athena cabin, won every game that day. We played the Bunny Game. We searched for questions based on numbers when you rolled a die. My team won, and we'll get pens at the end of the week for prizes. I went on a quest and found Master Thomas's spear. All of the magical powers were drained completely. We also saw a Spybot. We gave the spear to the Headmaster, he was mad that the powers were drained.

Bret: We played dodgeball, the kids won against the counselors. I got 6 people out.

Reed: everybody got soaked in waterplay. Awesome! Hot!

Bret: Fun!

Bryn: I hammered out the Norton Allen basket article, ready to send to Maggie. Enjoyed the air conditioning in the van, did not enjoy the lack of internet connection.

Randy headed out for Dallas for work.

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