Friday, June 26, 2009

Austin Day 5 -- Finally caught up

Thursday 6-25-09

Camp Half-Blood, Day 4

Reed: At the morning exercise assembly, Master Thomas called Bret and me to the front to explain what happened at our campsite last night with the mysterious lady in black, I scared her away by saying hello. Then the Monster Patrol came by, we told them where she went and they chased after her. Then they came back to check again, and we gave them M & Ms and they left. Later we saw her walking again, and Bret called Master Thomas to report it.

Bret and Brandon: There was phalanx fighting in the morning after marching and exercise. Then we had chariot races and we practiced spear throwing. And there was an obstacle course – we climbed under the table and through the sword maze, and the archers were shooting at us, then we had to pick up a shield and dodge Harrison, the best archer that was in the trees. Then we ran through the sprinklers and had to dodge balls that Master Thomas from the Ares cabin threw at us, and into the kitchen where we were safe and won a ring pop prize. In the afternoon we played Capture the Flag and also had water play.

Brandon had a quest, he went looking for Topher's sword. They found it but it was completely drained of power. We saw the Naiads at the river, but only their eyes peeking out of the river. We also saw two Spybots from the League of Machines and Monsters.

Bryn: I stayed for the morning, enjoying watching all of the activities, talking with Melinda, and with Topher Bradfield, the mastermind behind this camp. Book 3 The Titan's Curse is dedicated to him, so we brought it for him to sign. Brandon came back to camp with us and played with Bret while Reed went with Jeremy for a little cool time at the hotel. We're picking him up soon and will eat in town. 104 degrees today with high humidity. It's been a grueling week for weather. 104 in Calif is hot, but it is a dry heat – I've learned that that makes all the difference!


  1. That was the perfect place for you guys to visit. I'm glad fun was had by all.

  2. I don't understand any of it but sure looks like fun. Would love to read the basket articles, I might understand them. :)

  3. Sounds like a blast except for the weather! Tell Bret tahnks for the postcard and Cade misses him and would have loved to visit Camp Halfblood. Taylor is coming home from Missouri today after 1 week in the humid heat and he says he missed L.A.'s good weather. We are enjoying following along on your trip.
    The Liberty's