Friday, June 26, 2009

Austin Day 4

Wednesday 6-24-09

Camp Half-Blood, Day 3

Bret: I went on my quest! We saw a naiad and it wanted us to help save her sister. We tried to help, then it got made when it took Alex, a minor god whose animas got taken away, and we had to save Alex. We had to sacrifice Topher's sword, and then we found Alex on a log, she was bloody and we had to carry her up to camp on a cot, which was heavy. We were successful in our quest.
Reed: while Bret was gone, the Zeus cabin did javeline throwing, discus throwing, and rock wall climbing. This is my counselor Chelsea, she's very nice, she's a daughter of Zeus too.
Bryn: Exciting day followed by night visits by the Monster Patrol. Bret had to call Master Thomas to report the suspicious activity!

Alone at camp today, so I hammered out the Norton Allen pottery article, ready to send to Kim. Also talked with Kianga regarding the basket exhibit. Randy meeting late in Dallas so he can leave earlier to return to us on Thursday.

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