Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday July 8 - Fairbanks

We spent the afternoon at the Museum of the North, University of Alaska.  Randy enjoyed the movie "Winter," in which Fairbanks residents talked about survival in subzero temperatures, and he liked the Chilkat blankets.  Reed liked a rifle that banana-peeled out when someone tried shooting it when the barrel was blocked.  Bret was fascinated with Blue Babe, the only mummy of a Pleistocene steppe bison in the world, and baby Effie, the most intact mummified mammoth found in North America, seen here.  Bryn loved comparing the many baskets from 5 areas of Alaska to those she has seen elsewhere.  She was satisfied when she confirmed that an Autry basket, cataloged as Pomo, is, in fact Interior Athabasken, as she had previously suspected.

The University of Alaska campus overlooks Fairbanks, with the Alaska Range in the distance. When the clouds parted, we could see the tip of Mt McKinley/Denali.  We'll get closer later in the week, but more cloudy days are expected and this could be our only glimpse.

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