Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, July 23 - all over Vancouver

It turned into Randy's day today. He walked down a few blocks and rented a car this morning, bringing some doughnuts from the Canadian chain Tim Horton's with him for breakfast. We decided it was time for a car because we had too many places to go and were tired of being urban bus riders.  We ventured out late morning to Tilley's, where Randy bought his Endurable Hat in 1999.  Then lunch at Templeton's, a place featured on "Diners, Dives and Drive-Throughs," a TV show about special neighborhood restaurants that Randy enjoys watching.
Reed and his BBB burger - Bacon, BBQ sauce, Burger - with a side of poutine!

It was a bit rainy and we were hoping for a weather break, as next we headed for the Vancouver Aquarium.  We drove through Stanley Park, only to keep driving as we searched for a parking spot.  Finally found one way, way too far away. Since it was still sprinkling, we decided to forget it for today and kept driving through the park. View here of the Lion's Gate bridge from Stanley Park.  We ended up going across this bridge and into North Vancouver.  It was too cloudy to justify going to Grouse Mountain to ride the ski lift and see the view of the city, so we drove through North Van for awhile then came back south over the Ironworker's Bridge.   Next goal was the Oakbrook Mall.  Reed found a new watch at Zeller's.  Bret had fun at the Lego Store making some new mini Lego men. We all had a nice cup of tea at Murchie's.   Back to the hotel in time for dinner, we walked down a couple of blocks to a good Japanese restaurant.  Evening - swimming for the boys, emails for Randy, blogging for Bryn.

In the morning we need to change to a new hotel.  Here,  they posted a notice that on Tuesday night they will be doing maintenance work and the hotel will lose power from 10 pm til about 10 am.  Generators will keep the elevators and hall lights on, we will have hot water but no power. We're glad they had the courtesy to notify us of this.  Randy told them we would be switching hotels, they said they would provide flashlights!   So we've packed up tonight and will take everything with us in the morning.  If all goes well, we will be at the Vancouver Aquarium at opening time, 9:30 a.m.

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