Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 17, 2012 - Tuesday in Skagway

Happy Birthday to Bryn! There was a happy birthday sign on the door and a couple of balloons. We had breakfast delivered, as we had arrived in Skagway and wanted to exit the ship. We took a bus tour that started with the Liarsville Experience. We visited a mining camp, saw a show and had another opportunity to pan for gold. Then back on the bus and up to White Pass and into British Columbia, following the path of some of the gold miners in 1897 – 1900. Very steep climb along the river, gorgeous lush forests and expanses of rock face sprinkled with ponds and patches of snow. We returned to the ship for lunch. After lunch Randy, Reed and Bret had a surprise birthday-in-a-bag celebration for Bryn. She got baskets, chocolate and Alaskan blueberry taffy. What could be better? A fun time was had by all. Then it was time to get back to the serious work of touristing so we took a shuttle back into town. We visited several historic buildings which were part of Klondike Gold Fields National Historic Park, where the boys earned yet more Junior Ranger badges. We visited some shops and the Corrington Ivory Museum, where Bryn liked seeing the world's biggest baleen basket.

For dinner, the waiters sang happy birthday and they brought a cake that looked like a big ding dong. Tasted better though – chocolate with chocolate cream between the layers. The boys were happy to share it.

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