Friday, July 13, 2012

Denali National Park, Thursday July 12

We hopped on a shuttle bus and officially entered Denali National Park.  At the Visitor Center, we attended a lecture on BMWs - bears, moose, and wolves.  If a grizzly bear charges you, act big and be loud, then if it doesn't swerve away, at the last minute you should drop and cover the back of your next with your hands and play dead.  If a black bear charges, act big and be loud, then if it doesn't swerve away, throw things, hit it, and fight back.  If a moose charges you, run!   This and other info led the boys to finishing another Junior Ranger Badge.  We were also able to take a short hike, visit the Murie Science Center and have lunch before returning via shuttle to the hotel.  Soon afterward, we got on another bus for a 5 hour Denali Natural History Tour.  We saw a bull moose!  3 female moose. 2 caribou. A herd of Dall sheep.
We had beautiful clouds today.  Clouds mean no good view of Denali. Luckily we saw it the previous day.
Today was technical difficulty day with my camera.  The colors were all washed out, leading to disappointing photos of hot pink fireweed and brilliant blue forget-me-not wildflowers.  The color of the bull moose photo is also off.  Luckily, soon after this I figured out the problem and the other moose and caribou photos were fine.   It was almost 9 pm when returned to the McKinley Chalets Hotel for dinner.

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