Monday, July 23, 2012

Friday July 20 - at sea

A day at sea. For Bret, that meant spending as much time as possible in his Shockwaves Club. It is on the 15th floor on the aft of the ship, with big picture windows. Lucky him, he was able to see some orcas today that the rest of us missed. He is having a good time playing fussball, making crafts and doing various other activities.

We had an hour ahead time change. Randy and Bret were the earlybirds, they went out for breakfast. Bryn and Reed were the lazy ones, sleeping in and not going for breakfast until 10:30. We skipped the lunch buffet, Randy and Bret went and thoughtfully brought us some wrapped BLT sandwiches.
Reed and Bret spent the afternoon in their clubs. Randy attended a talk given by the navigator, then Bryn met him and they both attended a whale talk by Rachel the naturalist. Bryn spent time re-packing everything, carefully wrapping the baskets and counting clean clothes. It looks like 1 more load of laundry needs to be done before we get home. That's one of the things about traveling with only carry-on luggage. It is easy to travel and get through airports and on to ships, but it does involve working the laundry into the schedule. We'll do the next load in Vancouver.

We cruised the inside passage today. Bryn saw 1 or 2 humpbacks and some seals or sea lions. In the evening, as we passed through Seymour Narrows along the east side of Vancouver Island, we were able to see a beautiful rainbow and a couple of bald eagles, but no other animal life. Reed attended his last night party at one of the restaurants, Bret also had his last night celebration. Randy and Bryn wandered down to the end of the ship for a snack. When Bret got back at 10 p.m., he and Bryn went to get ice cream cones, they serve them 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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