Sunday, July 22, 2012

Juneau - July 18

To Juneau, the capital city. We disembarked and took a taxi across town to the Alaska State Museum. Beautiful baskets, and an exhibit on World War II in Kiska. We also visited the Sealaska Building's shop, Bryn got a basket by Haida weaver Holly Churchill. Some walking, shopping, a Filipino meat stick lunch, and back on the ship for some ice cream. We set said again at 3:30. Randy spotted some bald eagles, there were two on the beach, each eating its own fish. Bryn saw some more porpoises or dolphins. Tonight Bret is playing bingo and Reed is having a Las Vegas night followed by mixing special drinks – mocktails. Randy downloaded photos and Bryn wrote blog entries to be posted after we're in Vancouver. There was a stunningly beautiful sunset that night.

Alaska State Museum top left; mural on city hall; on the side of the ship.

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