Sunday, August 2, 2009

Torch Lake Boating and YMCA Tour, Fri 7/31

Bryn: We met Dave at Camp Hayo-Went-Ha, a premier YMCA boys' camp. We joined him for lunch then had a tour of this fascinating place. The camp is over 100 years old, and some of the old buildings are classic camp lodges. Reed was impressed by the climbing wall, rifle range, many zip lines and high sky tower obstacle course pictured here. Bret noted all of the foreign flags, as there are boys there now from over 10 different countries. He also liked hearing the song about the Torch Lake Monster; we haven't seen it, but we've been watching.

Back at Pat's house, Martie's sister Nan joined us for some sailing. The boat is a 28' racing scow, although it's old now and the newer boats are much faster. They took Randy and Bret out first, Bret got to control the tiller and he also helped with the main sheet. On the next trip, Reed, Bryn, and Pat went with Martie and nan. I don't know the nautical terms, but we leaned so far out that our hair got wet! Reed also had a seat at the helm, he took the boat all the way across the lake (about 2 mi).

Later, Pat's niece and neighbor Cherie came by and asked if the boys wanted to go out tubing with her kids. Of course! So into the motorboat they went, and each took a turn riding on his stomach on an inner tube. We had a delicious dinner lakeside, complete with a gorgeous sunset. Boy, we are all pooped out!

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