Monday, August 10, 2009

Aug 9, Sunday, Cycles, Sculptures, and Potters

Bryn: We had a slow and easy morning at home. Elaine found the heron on a walk to the neighborhood lake. Then came talk of bicycles. Randy and Don taught Bret how to ride a bicycle! Then veteran Sturgis rider Don pulled out his motorcycle and gave Reed, Bret, and Bryn rides around the neighborhood. We each enjoyed our first motorcycle ride!

Elaine and Bryn headed to the Loveland Sculpture Invitational, the largest outdoor sculpture show in the world, located near the Benson Sculpture Park. We had a lot of fun looking at interesting, whimsical, realistic, small and monumental sculptures.

The boys all went out with Don for lunch and then they saw the new Harry Potter movie. Then Don showed them the new library branch. It's located in a mall and is set up like a bookstore, complete with a fireplace.

We all met up again at home before heading out for Italian food. In the evening, Elaine treated us to some of her fine piano playing. We had a brilliant sunset over the Rocky Mountains from their backyard. Tomorrow we'll be crossing that range.

Bret: She should have charged us money for her solo piano concert. I liked it!

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