Monday, August 3, 2009

Mall of America

Reed: Today was my day at the Mall of America, it was really fun. I went on all of the rides that weren't toddler rides except for one. For lunch, we ate at A & W Root Beer with Mom's friend. We had a lot of fun today. At the Lego Store, I got three Lego kits that got shipped home. The favorite ride that I went on was the Pepsi Orange Streak, it was a roller coaster that went around the whole amusement park, and on the side part of the time.

Bryn: The ride Reed skipped was a big hammer-type swinging ride. He wanted to go right after we ate dinner, so I vetoed that.

Bret: My favorite ride was called something like the Ghost Ride and it was like a roller coaster, it was purple, it went all the way up to the fourth floor and it went around, and you could wave at people.

Bryn: My favorite part of the day was seeing Sarah, Rachel, and Joshua. They met us for some Lego playtime and lunch. It was also cool seeing all of the huge Lego creations that hung from the ceiling - space craft, airplanes, etc.

Reed: I got a U.S. quarter that has Guam on it. I also got a Canadian quarter.

Bryn: The mall was built on the site of the old Metropolitan Baseball Stadium. The plaque where the boys are standing is old home plate, from 1956 - 1981 until the Metrodome was built.

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