Monday, August 10, 2009

Aug 8, Saturday - Fort Collins, CO

Bryn: We drove through Wyoming, flat range land with occasional windmills. We arrived at Elaine and Don's house in Fort Collins, CO, in the late morning. They treated us to lunch at a local landmark, Johnson's Corner Truck Stop, where we shared a famous, huge cinnamon roll (except Randy, he tried to ignore it). Elaine has been following the blog, so they wanted to give us some regional fare. We passed on the offer of Rocky Mountain oysters!

Elaine gave us a driving tour of the area, with a lovely stop at Horsetooth Reservoir. Bret's stitches prevent him from any water activities, so plans for using the jet skis were dropped. We went into Old Town Fort Collins, the city in which Disneyland's Main Street U.S.A. is patterned after. Expert shopper Elaine took us to the perfect stores - Nature's Own, filled with fossils, stuffed animals, and things made of rocks; the Old Firehouse Bookstore, featuring new and used books; Ten Thousand Villages, with baskets and ethnographic art; and a Science Toy Shop. She really knows our tastes! Rain drops started just as we got to the car. Hail stones started just before we got home. Don met us at the garage door with umbrellas, and we all watched in wonder as the hail storm escalated. Wow, what a meteorological event! When it subsided, we all went to dinner at a great Mexican restaurant.

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