Monday, August 10, 2009

Crossing the Rocky Mountains

Reed: Today was a big driving day for us. We took a few stops for drinks and gas. The longest stop for us was at Colorado National Monument, where we could get a junior ranger badge. The ranger there was surprised that we earned so many junior ranger badges on this trip!

Bryn: Good-bye to friends Elaine and Don! We left their house and Elaine followed us a bit on her way to work. As it has been with all of our visits this trip, our time together was much too short!

We headed up and over the Rocky Mountains today. The second photo is snow near the Vail area. We criss-crossed the Colorado River many times on our way down the mountains. It was fun watching the changes in rock type and also the changes in vegetation – from pine forests to juniper and sage, with cottonwoods near the water. Utah also has stunning rock formations. Bret was surprised at how few houses and people there are around. We're staying in Cedar City, UT tonight. While Randy is pressing hard to get home, I would like a few more days! And we need more walking around breaks, we didn't have enough ground time for the amount of drive time today.

The photos with the boys are at Colorado National Monument. It looks like a small Grand Canyon, except there isn't a real river there. All of the erosion comes from flash floods.

Last photo: along the road in Utah.

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