Sunday, August 2, 2009

Across Wisconsin

Bryn: We started out late today and headed to Appleton. We were confounded by the Wisconsin Dept of Transportation - many, many road closures with no detours provided! We didn't have a map and the GPS wasn't helpful. So instead of seeing the exhibit on Harry Houdini at the museum where Nancy's mom is a volunteer, and her uncle's voice is heard in one of the exhibits, we spent over half an hour driving around town until we had to move on. Major disappointment!
Second disappointment - apparently cheese shops aren't open on Sundays. We missed three of them. The cows were there in their big white barns, but the shops were closed. Finally, we were able to buy local cheese at a gas station shop - it was delicious!
Wisconsin was beautiful. As Michigan had lots of forested areas and big, wide, highways (lots of roads so everyone can support the local car industry), Wisconsin had thousands of cows and thousands of dairy farms.
At the end of the day we crossed the Mississippi River and entered the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. We drove by the Mall of America and are prepped for tomorrow - this is Reed's second choice of a place to visit on our summer tour.

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  1. I can imagine Wisconsin probably didn't smell very good.